Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fashion paradise: Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne Rogers 

" A little bit of leather and a whole lot of lace. Nobody does it quite like Suzanne Rogers - a Toronto-based fashion icon who has one freaking impeccable closet."

There are some pictures from her Fashion paradise..

For more pictures and other details about Suzanne Rogers, 
go to my Source of informations: The Coveteur | Suzanne Rogers

P. s. This is my first - Special Sunday - post and I hope that you enjoyed in!

Until next time..

Miss Tyra


  1. Predivna je! Ove slike su top.
    Pratim :*

  2. Koleginice iz SFBC-a pratim te! <3

  3. OMG, seriously! She has one killer closet!


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